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The Kagawa Natural Science Museum

The Kagawa Natural Science Museum is located in the northern part of Kagawa Prefecture near the top of Goshiki-dai plateau or the Five Color (blue, white, red, black and yellow) plateau. The museum faces the beautiful Seto Inland Sea and stands at a height of about 200 meters. Its principal function is to facilitate group study using both outside and on-site facilities. Groups comprised of approximately twenty junior high school students come to learn about nature's marvels and to study the great works of their predecessors. On Mt Goshiki-dai they are able to observe nature and to investigate Kagawa's cultural assets. In order to provide the best instruction for the students, 13 different courses have been created for the Goshiki-dai site. Since the program began in 1970, over 400,000 students have been taught at Mt. Goshiki-dai. In the museum building itself, there are biological, geological and cultural exhibits. The two main exhibits display the prefectural animal, (the deer), and the prefectural bird, (the little cuckoo). Highlights from other exhibits include a variety of insect specimens, e.g elephant Naumannin fossils from the Seto Inland Seabed, Sanuki Mountain Range ammonites, sanukite-a rare reverberating stone, Sanuki Kokubunji Temple's old roofing tiles, arrowheads and spearheads from the Kokubu-dai Plateau and various pottery implements. Furthermore, the museum is constantly growing and changing as it conducts new scientific and cultural research. The Goshiki-dai Meeting House, Children's Science Square and Goshikidai Children's Pavilion are all situated around the museum. With so many wonderful resources it is easy to learn about and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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