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Kagawa Prefectural Higashiyama Kaii Setouchi Art Museum offers four times Exhibitions (from museum collections)and two times Special Exhibitions on a year. Selected from works we own, exhibitions introduce artworks under specific themes.

2017 Exhibitions Schedule

2016 Exhibition from museum collections 4
February 2,2017(Thu) -April 9,2017(Sun)

Green Ravine(lithograph)
The Cover of the Monthly Magazine "Shincho"

2017 Exhibitions Schedule

2016 Special Spring Exhibition
April 15,2017(Sat) - May 28,2017(Sun)

                 AKINO Fuku
              Prayer on the Ground” 1983
           The National Museum Modern Art Kyoto

2017 Exhibition from museum collections 1
June 1,2017(Thr) - July 23,2017(Sun)

Sound of Ravine
Reef with a Pine Tree

Exhibition from museum collections 2
July 26,2017(Thr) - October 26,2017(Sun)

Colored Leaves

Special Autumn Exhibition
October 7,2017(Sat) - November 6,2016(Sun)

YASUI Sotaro “Mt.Kasumizawadake in Autumn” 1938
Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum

Exhibition from museum collections 3
december 1,2017(Thu) - January 28,2018(Sun)

Starry Night
Moonlit Evening

Exhibition from museum collections 4
February 1,2018(Thu) -April 8,2018(Sun)

Spring Reflections